Friday, April 15, 2011

Mini Review: Life From Scratch by Melissa Ford

Title: Life From Scratch
Kindle Ebook (was a freebie)
Author: Melissa Ford
Genre: Chick-Lit
Synopsis from Goodreads
"Her life's a mess. And so is her kitchen.Divorced, heartbroken and living in a lonely New York apartment with a tiny kitchen, Rachel Goldman realizes she doesn't even know how to cook the simplest meal for herself. Can learning to fry an egg help her understand where her life went wrong?
She dives into the culinary basics.
Then she launches a blog to vent her misery about life, love and her goal of an unburnt casserole.To her amazement, the blog's a hit. She becomes a minor celebrity. Next, a sexy Spaniard enters her life.
Will her souffles stop falling? Will she finally forget about the husband she still loves? And how can she explain to her readers that she still hasn't learned how to cook up a happy life from scratch?"
 My Thoughts

Rachel Goldman is a thirty-something trying to figure out her life after divorce. She's learning how to cook, dating a new man, and trying out a new career: writing.

I got this a couple months back as an Amazon kindle freebie. I was pleasantly surprised to find I liked it. Rachel was a bit neurotic at times, but otherwise I felt I can relate to her coming of age at 35 story. I hear there's going to be a sequel so I'm excited about that! I'll definitely be reading it.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a light, quick, Chick-lit kind of read.

My Rating

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